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Историко-хронологический атлас. Содержание.

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Размеры: 6198  x  2534  px
Объём: 2.64 Мб
Добавлено: 13:38:21, 30/03/2010
Датировка: 1820 год
Раздел: История
Группа: Исторический атлас, 1820
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Carey, Mathew; Lavoisne, M.

Short Title: 
Title Page: Complete Genealogical, Historical, Chronological, And Geographical Atlas. 

M. Carey and Son

This is the first American edition which is based on the 1817 London edition published by J. Barfield (see our 1814 Barfield edition). Full color. 

Full Title: 
(Title Page to) A Complete Genealogical, Historical, Chronological, And Geographical Atlas; Being A General Guide To History, Both Ancient And Modern ... According To The Plan Of Le Sage, Greatly Improved. The Whole Forming A Complete System Of History And Geography. By M. Lavoisne. From The Last London Edition, Improved by C. Gros, of the University of Paris, and J. Aspin ... First American Edition, Carefully Revised And Corrected. Enlarged By The Addition Of Several New Maps Of American History And Geography Which are brought down to the beginning of the Year 1820. Philadelphia: Published By M. Carey And Son. 1820. Printed by T.H. Palmer, on the Ruthven Press, and on J. & T. Gilpin's Machine Paper. (Price Thirty Dollars, Half Bound.) 

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