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Карта мира, 1507

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Датировка: 1507 год
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Universalis cosmographia secundum Ptholomaei traditionem et Americi Vespucii alioru[m]que lustrationes.

Waldseemüller, Martin, 1470-1521?


Universalis cosmographia secundum Ptholomaei traditionem et Americi Vespucii aliorū que lustrationes

[St. Dié, France? : s.n., 1507]

Relief shown pictorially.

First document known to name America.

Red ink grid on 2 sheets. Text applied over blank areas on 2 sheets. Manuscript annotations in the margin of 1 sheet.

All sheets bear a watermark of a triple pointed crown.

Two stamps on verso of upper left hand sheet: Fürstl. Waldburg Wolfegg'sches Kupferstichkabinett -- Furstl. Waldbg. Wolf. Bibliothek.

Exhibited: Rivers, edens, empires: Lewis & Clark and the revealing of America, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., July 24-Nov. 29, 2003.

Includes text and ill.

Printed surrogate in vault available for reference.

LC digital image is a composite map from the twelve separate sheets.

Scale [ca. 1:15,000,000 at equator] ; Ptolemy's second proj. (W 1800--E 1800/N 900--S 500).

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