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Размеры: 1830  x  1550  px
Объём: 797.81 Кб
Добавлено: 14:49:31, 17/02/2010
Датировка: 1720 год
Раздел: Карты 18 века
Группа: raremaps.com
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Title: Asiae Recentissima Delineatio Qua Status et Imperia Totius Orientis unacum Orientalibus Indiis…

Map Maker: Johann Baptiste Homann

Place / Date: Nuremberg / 1720


Early example of Homann's first map of Asia, extending from the Mediterranean to the Pacific and including parts of Nova Hollandia, Carpentaria, Nova Britannia and the Marianas, along with a nice incomplete version of the mythical Compagnie Land, north of Japan. Includes privilege.

This edition of the map includes an ornate second cartouche in the upper right corner of the map.  In later editions, the cartouche is removed and the coastal features above Japan along the NE Coast of Asia are significantly revised.  There are also small changes in the mapping of Carpentaria.

Dampier's passage north of Carpentaria is noted, along with Arnham's Land and Vay van Diemen on the continent of Nova Hollandia. Nova Britannia appears as having been detected by William Dampier in 1700. Several place names appear in Carpentaria. Interesting projections of Japan and Corea, which appears as a long thin peninsula. Some Incognita (unknown) lands still appear in the Arctic Circle.


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